we ate bananas.

we had a massage train.

we had personal song & dance parties.

we had fun.



Paint By Numbers from Etsy on Vimeo.


Cabin Collective painted their second Paint By Numbers Mural in the Etsy office lounge.

The lounge is eloquently titled Wu Tang Clams.

Cabin Collective is Kimi Mongello, Betsy Clifton, John Mahoney, Danielle Romeo-White, and Eric Beug.

Music and time-lapse by Eric Beug




to prime or not to prime? thatizzzzz the question babies.

so this wall is like this orange-like really orange, like almost hot orange color

and um we have to figure out if it is like totally for sure necessary to prime that shiz.

cause like maybe we wont be able to see what the colors true colors are andwhat not you know,

when it is like projecting. and we want to like trace all up on that wall and have it like

done right quick so we can start painting tomorrow. but if we have to prime it, who KNOWS

how long that biddy will take to dry. we dont wants to be dixon ticonderoga-ing unless

it is good and ready to be caressed with our skillz. we ain't no paper gangstas ya heard.

on a more exciting and less jerry springer-esque audience member front...the COLORS duke the COLORS. palette unveiled!

aaaaand BOOM. ottum has arrived in all its glory. click that mouse all up on it to reveal its magical mystique.


and what, and what...are we up to?

we're going to paint a mural of wu tang at the etsy office. looking something like this: you wish! yes, it is true we are honored to paint the "wu-tang clams" room, however

we are tweaking the image to get it juuuuuuuuust right. stay tuned.